Byrd Productions Project

Grady Dale Derby Show

Grady Dale Derby Show

This radio drama/comedy was a regular on the start-up radio station in Eric and Holly's home town of Vashon, Washington. A collection of vignettes and sketch-oriented humor, the motto of the show was: "You supply the mental picture. We'll supply the frame."

Producer: Byrd Productions

Co-Writers/Directors: Eric Frith & Chris Leverson

Editor: Eric Frith

Featured Cast (alphabetical)

  • Michael Crowley
  • Grady Dale Derby
  • Vicki Dunikin
  • Wes Fishburne
  • Eric Frith
  • John Graham
  • Karen Heaven
  • Joseph Kania
  • Jeff Laurence
  • Chris Leverson
  • Ilana Long
  • Orla McGovern
  • Pallavi Mohanrao
  • Scott Nath
  • Don Pierce
  • K.C. Pilon
  • Holly Taylor
  • Andy Wiesnet
  • Nick Wiesnet