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Life Along the Tracks

Meet the people of the Everett Branch of the Milwaukee Railroad in the Snoqualmie Valley, in the state of Washington: the gandy dancers, the engineers, the beanery queen, the telegraphers, and their families. As their stories unfold we learn about what it was like in North Bend during the Depression. Every day the train came into the depot loaded down with travelers roaming the country looking for work. Dorothy Graebel tells of how her mother would always feed two or three of those people a sandwich in her own kitchen, because, "We were all neighbors in this country, and we stuck together during hard times." Larry Petroski tells of struggles between union members and the owners of the railroad. City Light and Water employees tell of the rivalry between railroaders and water employees. A ninety-five-year-old tells of how he delivered milk from his family dairy in North Bend to Cedar Falls for a five-cent fare.

This is the community that grew up just yards from the tracks from the early 1900s to the present, as told by the people who worked for the railroad or lived in Cedar Falls.

Produced by Byrd Productions

Director / Editor: Holly Taylor