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Cachao: Uno Mas

Cachao: Uno Mas highlights the long, illustrious musical career of Israel “Cachao” Lopez and his unlikely yet powerful relationship with actor/director Andy Garcia.

Cachao, a child prodigy and classically trained bass player from Cuba, has been instrumental in the transformation of Latin music. Cachao and his brother Orestes wrote the Mambo. Cachao also introduced the “descargas” or free form improvisation into the genre.

Garcia, like Cachao, is an exile of Cuba. He found Cachao’s music in his youth and met Cachao the man later in his life. Garcia became devoted to promoting Cachao’s legacy and directed a documentary about his idol in 1993. Garcia also produced three albums with him, two of which received Grammy Awards. A storyteller, father figure, commanding band leader and virtuoso on the bass, Cachao is revered by everyone in the industry.

Cachao: Uno Mas includes concert footage from Bimbos in San Francisco.

Cachao: Uno Mas has been screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival, at AFI's Music Documentary Series at the ArcLight, Hollywood, and the Miami International Film Festival.

Cachao: Uno Mas will be part of PBS' American Masters series in 2010. ''Cachao's unique talent is such a gratifying example of how someone brings the richness, traditions and sounds of their culture and weaves them into the evolving definition of ours,'' says Susan Lacy, American Masters' executive producer.

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